Tutoring High School

A journey of maturation

High school students find themselves at the height of adolescence, and often study support includes help in managing one’s emotions. In fact, these two aspects are tightly linked and nterconnected during this delicate period of a student’s life.

The stability and serenity of youngpeople become the keys that allow them to be present every day in class, giving their best duringtheir course of study.

My approach

  • Analysis of the pupil as a person and as a student

    Listening to young people, their experiences and their difficulties, is the first step in delineating the problem, which sometimes goes far beyond the lack of academic knowledge or negligence in their studies.

    In this way, through an individual approach or in small groups, it’s possible to give voice to the student and help facilitate the emergence of those necessary qualities and individual competences.

  • Identification of the actual difficulty

    The conflicted relationship with the authority of professors, the difficulty of managing one’s own time in a responsible way, the use of cognitive resources in an inadequate or poorly effective manner, the emotional insecurities tied to the experience of this delicate phase of adolescence are all elements that can hinder the school journey, making daily attendance at school a real problem.

    Understanding which are the real causes of scholastic under-performance allows students to focus and work on reparative strategies that are adequate for the abilities and competences of each student.

  • Elaboration of an ad-hoc, applied methodology
    Listening to and analyzing the issues from the outset, it’s key to study the journey in which students can re-appropriate a sense of self-trust and personal effectiveness, experimenting with possible achievement in their studies, thanks to the aids that permit them to concentrate, thus bringing positive results in both the short and long term.