University Tutoring

Autonomy and professionalism

The university students whom I support are young people who seek a practical method that allows them to complete each exam with a high score.

In my own experience as a former student, I had to manage large, difficult exams that often frightened me. For me, it was fundamental togradually learn how to plan my study time and effectively manage the intellectual energies to beused in every test.

The major key in passing any university exam lies in the management of one’savailable time.

My approach

  • Analysis of the pupil as a person and as a student
    University is a completely new world for young people. Especially during the first year, one experiments with a feeling of freedom that, however, also requires complete autonomy and the capacity to manage one’s time. The high school system of guided classroom lessons with professors in a relatively protected environment no longer exists. At university, one must take care of matters oneself by planning, organizing and managing one’s own time.
  • Identification of the actual difficulty

    The topics addressed at the university level are largely sector-related and require an elevated learning ability. Not only concepts but also specific terminologies must be supported by attentive study that is geared towards complete comprehension. It’s no longer enough to understand the topics on a general level, but the requirement becomes one of detailed knowledge that is specific enough to create future professionals. This new approach to study and time management can put some students in difficulty.

  • Elaboration of an ad-hoc, applied methodology
    What I seek is to teach rigor in both elf-organization and with respect to given deadlines. As much as an exam may be complicated or a professor may be severe, the final result depends exclusively on the students’ capacity to understand how to best manage themselves within this new system. Respecting deadlines, breaking down the work, creating outlines, making oneself autonomous perhaps with several companions to review and drill material, all without delay: these are some fundamental tips to successfully achieving positive results over time.